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Stylish Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Just because you have a small master bedroom or guest bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t create a stylish space to sleep and get away from it all! These 5 space-saving tips can help you design a bedroom that you’ll love waking up to every morning!

1. Create a focal point.

Creating a single focal point for the bedroom can distract from the small size. An oversized headboard or large painting may seem counterintuitive, but these things can draw the gaze and pull the whole room together.

2. Use Neutral Colors

You can make a space feel more open and clean by using neutral colors on the largest items in a room, which in this case would be the wall and bed. White, beige, and gray are great options that can be accented with brightly colored pillows, throw blankets and accessories.

3. Center the Room Around Windows

Although many designers will say not to block windows (and therefore the view) with furniture, you may not have many options with a small bedroom. Instead, center the bed under windows and use this as the focal point for the room. Beautiful curtains can help frame both the window and the bed like a canopy.

4. Vertical Stripes

Incorporating vertical stripes with wallpaper, curtains or artwork can help draw the eye up the wall and create the illusion of more space. Hanging curtains high above the window frame can have the same effect.

5. Accent Wall

You can make a small room seem larger by creating a feeling of more depth by painting a dark accent wall. Combining a bright color (like the neutral tones listed above) with a darker accent color will create contrast and make the space more interesting.

Want to learn more about creating the perfect bedroom? Read more articles on our blog or browse a selection of our bedroom furniture.


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