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What is an organic mattress and why is it better? For the same reasons one might buy organic vegetables or milk, common mattresses are predominantly produced with high chemical content. Flame retardants are a normal additive on mainstream mattresses, an additive proven to cause cancer and reproductive toxicity. Organic mattresses are made with organic and non-toxic materials instead of conventional and chemically questionable materials.

Consumers are choosing organic mattresses as a way to avoid unnecessary exposure to these chemicals. Most mattresses are made from petrochemicals, synthetic materials and chemical flame retardants. Our bodies can tell the difference.  Sleep is a time for our bodies to find harmony with its surroundings, a harmony that can only be achieved with certified organic materials. Just like organic vegetables are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides, so too are mattresses that qualify for organic certification. This means less chemical exposure for you, and a healthier planet for us all.

Sleeping on organic is a great way to protect the environment and your health. Whether you are in the market for an eco-friendly mattress or trying to reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals, choose your next new bed with our roundup of eight top-reviewed best organic.